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I have woken up to this grey over cast every single day this week, and every single morning that I see it, I have a flash back to the first 19 years of my life, where a sky like this was seen for several months straight while snow covered the ground and it was 0 degrees out. And each morning Ive though “dang it looks nasty cold out” but then I remember I live in Florida and that its 75 and there is now snow and the relief is over wleming.

A little over 5 weeks ago I embarked on a journey. The plan was to couch hop for a couple days, maybe up to a week until I moved in to my new home, but that didn’t work out quite right. Some might call it a series of unfortunate events, some might call it bad luck, but I used every minute of it as a learning experience. Never had I felt so defeated so many times, so many days in a row, yet never had I felt more gratitude for the things I do have and the friends who let me stay with them. I put the majority of my stuff into a friends garage, took a hampers worth of clothing and some extra junk in my car and made due with what I had. I stayed at 9 places, got 3 parking tickets, and had my car towed once. Now is the last hurddle of moving everything in and getting settled. So here is my selfie with keys to my new apartment, I cannot explain how happy I am!

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